Liar Shorten Protest October 2nd 2013

VOFF protest Bill Shorten over the way he handled the Trio Capital fraud. The protest concerned all the lies he has delivered and of no surprise, delivers some more. The Wollongong Golf Club did not want its building in a photograph. The building in the video is replaced with the Jefferson Apartment Building, an historic apartment building located at Niagara Falls in Niagara County, New York

October 2nd 2013 VOFF protest Shorten in Town

VOFF peacefully protested Bill Shorten's visit to Wollongong 6.00 PM October 2nd 2013. VOFF  clearly wanted to send Bill Shorten the message that we have not gone away or intend going away. One of VOFF's message was to say Bill Shorten is a liar. VOFF have first hand experience of being at the end of a Bill Shorten lie.

When he arrived the car he was traveling in flashed by our gauntlet however enough Labor members including MPs Sharon Bird and Stephen Jones passed through the same entrance and had time enough to see the protest. Also many other party members entered the car park and will no doubt inform Bill Shorten of the nature of our protest.

Win Television, the Illawarra Mercury and the abc Illawarra FM were present to film and interview the event.

The video below added 14th September 2013 " Paul Matters thanks VOFF"

Paul Matters thanks all the volunteers who assisted in the political campaign.

Paul Raymond Matters

Independent Candidate for THROSBY

Matters is a community activist currently working as a researcher. He is a former train driver, union organiser in the steel industry and was Secretary of the South Coast Labour Council from 1987-2000. He helped form Wollongong Against Corruption and Victims of Financial Fraud.

VIDEO - Why I am running - Paul Matters

Number 1 of 3 Paul Matters provides a brief introduction at the Robinson forum held at the Bowling Club, Robinson on the 29th August 2013. - 4 min

Number 2 of 3 Paul Matters gives his A. to the Q. about manufacturing in the area was raisedAt the August 29 2013 Robinson forum. - 4 min


Number 3 of 3 The Maldon to Dombarton Rail Link project was one of the questions raised at the Robinson forum. 

- 2 mins.

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